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Davison Internet provide Website hosting services with a difference.
Our service has something for all requirements. Starting with our cheap and cheerful basic package and ending with our full featured premium hosting with no limits on Website size or Bandwidth usage, depending on your needs.
Our Web Partner Hosting package includes Website Design, set up, and ongoing service/SEO works, for as long as you keep your package. You simply email your required changes and we make them happen, all in with the monthly hosting fee! Just look at the following features that come with our premium Website, Wordpress, Blog hosting packages...

No  complicated contracts to
understand or worry about

We don't believe in tying people down, if for any reason you are not happy - simply stop paying and we will discontinue the service at no further cost to you.
No silly long term contracts
No penalty charges - No hard feelings and you are welcome back at any time
How can we do that?
We are confident that you will be delighted with the service we provide and that you will stay with us......after all, if you are not absolutely satisfied with our service we would not deserve your custom anyway, would we?

 No Contradcs with www.davisoninternet.co.uk
Wordpress Hosting
Our Premium packages include 1 click wordpress installation and Wordpress hosting in with the deal, yes, a siple click of a button installs a fully functional Wordpress Blog site that has its own control panel where you can post your blog quickly and easily. With a range of free themes included and millions of Wordpress add ons and themes available on the net you can be up and running in no time.
 Wordpress Hosting

Get found by new customers
Put your Business in front of MILLIONS of potential customers with a 24/7/365 silent sales force that has no wage bill, no company cars, no exagerated milage claims, and no stops for elongated business lunches or duvet days to stop the work.
With your own corporate/business website you have a sales presence dealing with clients, and taking orders/enquiries even at night while you sleep, leaving them waiting on your desktop ready for your arrival in the morning. Imagine, sales, orders, enquiries all coming in while you sleep! And with a FAQ page (frequently asked questions) your clients can easily find answers to common questions without bothering you or blocking your phone line. (see our faq page - click here)
If only everything was this simple!!!

Silent Salesman drawing customers in 24/7/365