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Why do I need a Website?

A website is an incredibly wide reaching and cost effective form of advertising. Your window to the world, where else can you get up to the minute advertising running 24/7 for such a low cost? Customers (new and old) can read your info and send you an enquiry (even at 3am) which will be waiting for you when you open up the next day. And when someone is looking for your trade or business in your town they simply do a search and up you pop - like magic. Just think how many enquiries you could be missing as we speak.

A massive volume of searches


Internet searches


When approached by a local Electrician to increase his business with a website partner package, we looked at the number of people who searched for an Electrician in his locality - Newcastle upon Tyne/Gosforth and surrounding areas in the preceeding month. We found that 1700 searches were recorded by Google, looking for an electrician in his business area, in one month alone – all of those people could have been potential customers and would have been able to find his site and get in touch with him. If only 2% had contacted him that would be 34 new leads and with a 50% conversion rate that would give 17 new clients - in one month! And that is just one search engine, very good results come from Yahoo, Ask etc etc.
You can see his site here -
(or search for 'electricians in Gosforth' and you will see we
have him on the first page of Google organic listings).
How many people in your area are searching for your trade or service? how many could have found you and sent you an enquiry, how many of those could you have turned into paying jobs or even lifelong clients?

What is happening to the yellow directories?

Yellow Pages

Book directories are dying! Why would anyone traipse through the house and hunt for a book to find a business when they can literally do it on their mobile phone/device without even getting off their butt? and what if they are not in the house or do not have access to a business directory?
The majority of people now search online for information, it's faster, it's easier and on a smartphone you can press the number in the advert to connect straight through.



The majority of new phones are 'Smartphones' and have the ability to search the internet. It is only a matter of time before all mobiles are Smartphones and people will use them and little else for finding anything they need online. The problem is that traditional websites do not display very well on Smartphones and mobile devices because of the smaller screen size, these devices work better presented in a different format. We at Davison Internet have a solution for this, we can present your site in both formats, on arriving at your home page your potential clients will be presented with an option to view the site in a mobile friendly format with a full set of pages which they can easily view/navigate from their phone or other mobile device


What can we do to help your Business

Other web services available

As we all know these days it is imperative you have a web site, if you are a Business the first thing your potential customers do is to look you up on the web, they often regard businesses with a decent website as more credible, established and here to stay.
Of course you have choices, you could use a site builder program where you have to spend hours typing and trying to build your own website (which often ends up looking very poor or amateur at best). You could employ your own tech staff, and all the wages, holidays and NI that entails, or you could delegate the job to a professional to do it all for you. We can create a professional looking, customer friendly website designed to suck in those enquiries so you can be found by valuable clients and win more work. Don't worry about the admin, we do all your internet chores such as creation, hosting, alterations, site submission, and all those time consuming but important tasks that need to be done quickly and professionally leaving you free to get on with serving your customers.
The best news is - our partners at www.wealthfrom.com can Design and Build your website for you at amazingly low prices starting from £99.00
You don't need to know anything about websites, html, php or anything else,  it is all set up for you and they do all the work. You can send them instructions for changes to your site and they do that too, and all in with the price. You can ask them to add special offers, remove them, add information pages and change them whenever you like, in fact there is very little you cant do, check it out - http://www.wealthfrom.com/WEBSITE-SERVICES.html

Other services

Do our special offers not have everything you need? You can still take advantage of an offer and then purchase additional services as and when required. We can help you grow and adapt your site over as long or as short a time as you want

Once your initial site is up and running, we can add monetised advertising to your site, this displays complimentary or related products and or services and you get paid a monthly income for the adverts or a commission for sales generated. you can also add paypal, shopping pages, products for sale and have the money directed straight to your account 24/7.

Shopping cart - Sell your products from your website
Paypal - Link your paypal account (or open one - we show you how) and take bank or card payments online
Marketing - We can arrange our partners at www.wealthfrom.com to set up a marketing campaign and jump start your business.

Not seen your exactly what you were looking for? Get a quote for your particular requirements or ask about our other services via our CONTACT page