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Frequently asked Questions

Q.  Are your sites just made from a set template?

A. We do not work from templates, templates reduce the effectiveness of sites and can cause lower search engine rankings. Every one of our sites is hand created especially for our clients.

Q. Can I chose the look and layout of my site?

A. We love customer interaction, we will do our very best to build the site to your requirements, however we do have a lot of experience in what ranks, and what appeals to customers so we will also provide you with feedback and guidance for your chosen design.

Q. Why are your websites so cheap.

A. We prefer the term 'value for money' we do not consider ourselves cheap. Our designers are quick and efficient and the price we charge comes down to a fair hourly rate for the time it takes to do your site.

Q. Are there any hidden costs

A. No absolutely not, you get what you pay for and we dont make you buy anything you don't want or need. Our menu style price list means you can order as little or as much as you require - prices start from an industry leading £99 for site and design and £2.99 per month for fast, quality Hosting. and we put it all together for you - you don't need to do a thing - just get on with looking after your customers as they start to increase.

Q. What kind of contract do I have to sign?

A. The price you see is what you pay, you pay for your design work up front and your hosting on a monthly basis. No contracts, just pay as you use for as long as you are happy, stop paying for any reason and that is the end. No legal rubbish to worry about, no penalties, no hard feelings. We are just happy you joined us and look forward to welcoming you back.

Q. do I have to have a credit check

A. No, you are paying on use - no credit involved.

Q. Is your offer subject to status?

A. No, not at all, we are not bothered about your past, we only care about your future and the promotion of your business, as you are paying on use we do not even mind if you are bankrupt, everyone deserves a second chance.

Q. Can you guarantee that you will bring me thousands of new customers?

A. No, and anyone who says they can is probably lying, we will not lie to you, you will have your site in front of millions of potential customers, and all your regulars will be able to find you with a simple search. Whether or not you make full use of your site will determine how many customers it brings in.

Q. Will I be able to monitor the performance of my site?

A. Yes, we can create a special link to a page that will show you exactly how your site is performing, number of visits and where from, in real time.

Q. Do I get a blog page?

A. Depending on which package you chose, our higher level sites have a wordpress blog platform included or fop a small additional fee we can install a wordpress blog and control panel to any of our sites for you.

Q. Can the wordpress add on only be used as a blog?

A. No, it is a fully functioning wordpress site, you can add or change themes, sites, offers, or anything else you can do with a normal Wordpress site.

Is there anything I cannot put up on my website

No. as long as it is in our opinion HONEST, LEGAL and DECENT, you can have anything you like - business, personal, charity, or anything else - all welcome. note, it must be honest, decent and Legal in our opinion, and our opinion is final!